About Me

Chef Kevin Archer

Chef Kevin Archer

My life revolves around my kitchen. It’s where I write, create, experience, sense, think, and act.

My kitchen is a microcosm of The Kitchen, where we all live, learn, and enjoy. It’s where our values interact with our daily lives. It’s where our actions speak much louder than our words, more vividly than pictures.

I am passionate about progress. It’s the muse behind my cooking, the energy in my writing, and the engagement in my teaching. I truly believe that I can change the world from my dinner plate.

I am a Certified Chef, culinary instructor, consultant, and speaker. I am an eternal student in the art of bread-baking.

I focus on sustainable food production, food-worker justice, and other issues related to making idealistic food choices work in a real world.

A busy writer, I am currently juggling multiple writing projects. I am the author of the “gut-wrenchingly honest” novel In Lieu of Heaven, which the Midwest Book Review praised as being “unapologetically deconstructive.”

Past industry positions include the GM/Executive Chef slot at Jivamuktea Cafe in NYC; the inaugural Director of the “Compassionate Cuisine” program at Catskill Animal Sanctuary; and head chef at Tree House, Santa Fe’s most popular vegetarian cafe. I have also served as a chef/instructor at Living Light Culinary Arts Institute in California, as well as pastry chef at Mendocino’s Ravens’ Restaurant. I have also experienced the peace of the after-hours kitchen, as the sole bread baker for 2 of Asheville’s busiest restaurants, Laughing Seed and Jack of the Wood.

In Denver, I was on the staff of the influential WaterCourse Foods restaurant. For a short time, I operated Simple Foods Market and Cafe.

I received my training in Boulder, at the School of Natural Cookery. My love of plant-based eating reaches from my plate to the gardens I’ve planted in Texas, Colorado, California, upstate New York, and western North Carolina.